Sunday, January 20, 2008


The single digit temperature must have brought out some hibernation gene in me because all I wanted to do today was sleep. The more I slept, the more tired I became, although I'm beginning to feel an energy surge that may keep me up into the wee hours.

It happened yesterday too, which ended up fueling a late night blogging binge in response to How to Read the Bible. The post is at my other site--a gateway to it can be found here--if you're curious. Depending when you go there, it may no longer be the top entry. (If not, scroll down or search for the book's title.) If the post is disjointed, well, that's what happens when I'm up writing until nearly 4 a.m.

So time is running out for my daily entry, and here I am looking for something to write about. I did what I normally do if I'm short on ideas: go to Ravelry. Doing so rarely helps me come up with a topic, but I found something tonight.

I haven't done any knit-alongs, so I thought maybe I could find one that would fit my skills and interests. That's when I came upon Knit 4 Lent: 4000 Hats in 40 Days (Ravelry membership required to view link). The idea is to knit a hat during Lent that the Seamen's Church Institute will give to mariners away from home at Christmas.

If ever there was a KAL made for me, this is the one. I've made six seaman's caps and have another waiting to go on the needles. I might as well put my talent to use where it is needed. A little charity knitting should be good for me too.

For non-Ravelry members interested in participating, the project's official blog should be up and running soon.

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At 9:58 PM, Blogger Jeanette said...

Thanks for mentioning us!


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