Saturday, January 12, 2008

A return to form

I am knitting again, but you'll have to be satisfied with this photo from my spot in the North Market. Blogger is on the fritz and wouldn't let me upload the WIP picture.

With this week's lack of sleep and the unseasonably warm temperatures, I felt out of whack, but everything seemed to be reset today. I felt rested, and winter-like weather returned. It just doesn't seem like it's January when a light jacket will suffice, if it was even needed on a couple days. So I welcome back the cold air and the sensation of not being run into the ground.

I was a little sludgy hanging around the apartment, so it did me some good to go downtown for the Blue Jackets game. I left earlier than necessary, but I wanted to grab my preferred, quick exit parking spot and go to the North Market to knit. Both tasks were accomplished.

I knitted for about an hour and enjoyed having that time to take it easy. Since I finished my last FO on December 27, I've hardly knit at all because of a jam-packed schedule. It's the longest dry patch I've had in months. I can tell that knitting is something I ought to do every day, even if only for a row or two, so I can slow myself down a tad.

Whenever I don't knit for awhile, picking up the needles again feels slightly awkward, as if I've forgotten what I have to do. I still remember, obviously, but the muscle memory needs a brief reminder.

I had been getting tired of knitting the same pattern repeatedly, but the layoff has been long enough that I didn't mind. Knitting stockinette in the round satisfied me for the moment.

The temperature inside the hockey arena felt colder than it was outside, so I pulled on my seaman's cap in an effort to warm up. What a remarkable difference it made! It is a wool hat, so I shouldn't have been surprised how well it held in the heat and made me more comfortable. Keep in mind, though, that I'm just beginning to understand yarn and fibers.

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