Friday, February 27, 2009


When I went to the yarn shop today in search of something for a scarf, I didn't intend to get Noro. In fact, I wasn't looking for these colors. I was thinking of something green for the Scrunchable Scarf.

The scarf will be for me. That pattern is just the sort of simple knit that I feel like I need to get me going again. As I walked the aisles I saw a couple of nice shades in Cascade 220--Olive and Shire looked like potential winners--but I continued to look anyway.

I passed by the Noro and remembered that I'd considered making my own 1x1 ribbed scarf like the Christmas gift I knit for my mom. I doubted that I'd see anything that would be more subdued--I associate Noro with bright colors--but then I stumbled upon the yarn pictured above. It seems to be predominantly brown with shades of blue and green. I had to get it.

Since I hadn't been planning on getting this yarn, I ended up buying less than I know I'll need. I would have checked my Ravelry project page ahead of time if I knew this yarn is what I was going to get. If only I'd listened to the yarn shop employee instead of trusting my faulty memory. I don't expect I'll have any trouble getting another skein, but I'm mildly annoyed at having to make an unnecessary trip.

That goes away, though, when working with the yarn. My previous experience knitting with Noro turned up the knots and sticks and vegetable matter. Since I'm using 100% wool Kureyon this time instead of Silk Garden, I'm beginning to think that some of the stuff I initially pulled out last time was silk. Oops. Other than inconsistencies in the strand's thickness, this yarn has been free of problems so far.

I knit on the scarf for a couple hours tonight and felt some of the day's sluggishness vanish. Ah, so this is what I've been missing for recent weeks.

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At 1:19 PM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

Hooray for getting back to knitting. :D


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