Monday, February 23, 2009

Slow show

The month of no knitting continues. Seriously, could things slow down just a little? Here we are nearly two months into the new year, and I'm not sure where all that time went. It seems like ages since I last picked up the needles because, well, it has been a long time.

This kind of hectic schedule is part of the reason why I initially started knitting. More than anything at this moment, I need an idea, no matter how boring. Let's face facts, it probably will be boring, and I'm OK with that. I have been thinking about doing a scarf for myself, but here's the amount of thinking I've put toward it: "Hmm, maybe a scarf..." No consideration of yarn, color, or pattern.

Maybe the winter weather and windowless office gets to me more than I realize. There is a certain oppressiveness about this time of the year, although it's not entirely related to all things meteorological or architectural. Work has been busy, and there has been some discouraging news there.

Knitting-wise, I suspect that what I need to do is just start something, anything. Staying disengaged from it isn't going to make me any more likely to resume. I'm not disinterested in knitting. I'm just not feeling motivated. Perhaps it comes down to having had a bunch of tasks that needed to get done, which makes it harder to carve out time for something that doesn't fit within the rigid, deadline-oriented structure.

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At 9:02 AM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

Cast on a dishcloth. It's super small, super easy and portable. When you find yourself with some downtime you can work on it and before you know it will be complete. :)


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