Sunday, June 01, 2008

Just a touch

May certainly was an active time for knitting even if the FO tally is just four. There was the Moss Grid Hand Towel, two ballband dishcloths, and a design experiment of my own. I also taught myself double knitting, learned a couple techniques I haven't used before, returned to the Wednesday knit night, and ventured to a new-to-me knit night on Thursdays. It must be the 31 days in the month that allowed all that to be fit in.

Or maybe it's the allergies that are making me want to batten the hatches and coop up in my apartment. I'm not kidding. This is the worst I can remember it. If I'm not taking the over-the-counter medication, I'm in bad shape. Itchy eyes, runny nose, tight chest...the works. It's just tolerable even with the antihistamines. I've read that that the conditions are a lot worse than normal this year. Direct experience confirms it.

At least the temperature seems to have finally turned warm. It's hard to believe it's June 1 in part because it's been on the cooler side for much of the spring. I think I've gone a week now without having the furnace on at night, if that tells you anything.

Graduations are upon me--not mine, just the four (!) I have to work--and thus comes decision time regarding knitting. This week I'll write more about this issue that cuts to the heart of being the secret knitter.

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