Friday, June 01, 2007

May knitting progress report

Another month has come and gone, along with the knitting of seven more FOs. May saw the production of:

3 dishcloths
2 baby hats
1 baby blanket
1 felted needle holder

My knitting output for the year totals 34 FOs. May didn't bring about the expected decline, although these were quick projects. (Plus, I knitted half of the baby blanket in April.) So I only have sixteen projects to knit in June to put me on pace for one hundred for 2007. That wasn't (and isn't) a goal of mine, but it sure would be an impressive number to reach.

Really, though, would it be less impressive than knitting 98 projects? I've got numbers on the brain somewhat after reading 13: The Story of the World's Most Popular Superstition. There are some interesting facts in it--unlucky 13 has roots in The Last Supper, and Friday the 13th is a 20th century phenomenon--but the book repeats a lot and doesn't live up to its title. It could have stood to be more thorough.

For ease of location, here are the links for my January, February, March, and April progress reports.

A new month seems like the right time to take advantage of the tags function. I'll be using this feature from now on.

Tonight marks the first week I've been in my new apartment. I knew that living here would be a different experience--that's what I hoped!--but I am mildly surprised how it has affected my perspective and well-being. Time passes more leisurely. I feel better physically and mentally. Eleven miles isn't that far, yet the distance from my workplace allows me to feel like I'm not carrying work home, even if I am in some instances. Now that's a different space rather than somewhere that was practically an extension of my apartment.

It's been exciting to find how close a lot of places are to my new home. I'm slowly getting acclimated to the changes in layouts of the stores. (The grocery store's floor plan is different enough to what I'm used to that I do a lot of wandering.) Considering I live off of a major street with a lot of traffic--not to mention that this week The Memorial Tournament is a stone's throw from me--I've found no big hold-ups in getting around.

Last evening was a bad night for knitting. I forgot to do the first three stitches on a row in the dishcloth's seed stitch border, which means that I have to undo almost forty stitches. I'm not sure if I can undo them in pattern or not, so I may just frog the whole thing. (With the way the night's knitting had gone, I chose not to deal with it then.) Today I bought some more Sugar 'n Cream for dishcloths. My mom admired my handiwork when she was packing up some of my kitchen stuff for the move, so I'll make a couple for her. I have a great-aunt with a birthday in July. I have no idea what she might like, so I figure I can make a few dishcloths for her as well.

And yes, I'll get back to the socks.

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At 10:49 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Good for you on the FO's, Mark. I am still not finishing anything, but getting close on a few WIP's. My knitting ADD just gets in the way. (That, and the chaos of my so-called life these days.) Right now the Washington trip and packing my office, along with wrapping up the school year are taking most of my energy.

I always love seeing your dishcloths.

At 11:47 PM, Blogger miss ewe said...

Geography, as the historians have it, is destiny. Glad your new digs are working out for you.

I'm SURE you can tink in pattern... grab the purl bumps in front from below, and go down through the back of the knit stitches.


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