Thursday, February 15, 2007

Dig me out

For the price of a turned ankle and a broken ice scraper, I was able to get around town yesterday. I still insist that we didn't get that much snow. The freezing rain and sleet that followed it were the problems.

My biggest obstacle was getting my car out of its parking space. My neighbors have become more brazen in ignoring my right to a parking spot at the building, so I've been leaving my car in the municipal lot a short walk away. I thought this might work to my benefit with the bad weather. My street wouldn't be cleared, and if my neighbors can't be bothered to carry their trash twenty feet to the curb, they surely won't shovel our parking area.

Unfortuantely, whoever cleared the parking lot was good enough to pile a bunch of snow up to the bumper of my car. To top that, while I was cleaning my car a city official told me not to park it there that night because they were going to be clearing the lot. So if I can't park it at home or on the street, what options do I have?

After plenty of window scraping, a workout that resulted in the scraper snapping, I floored the gas in an attempt to get over the snow hump behind my car. I made slow, incremental progress, but it wasn't until some people came along to give me a push that I made it out.

Miraculously, I arrived at the screening of a local Bollywood screenwriter's film in time. Since schools and some businesses were closed, traffic was light. The major roadways were as clear as could be, so it was smooth sailing to downtown Columbus. After the movie I made the short drive to the arena to get a ticket for the hockey game.

Cheap seat in hand, I got something to eat and dropped into the coffee shop next to the arena for some pre-game knitting. The seats in this Starbucks were practically on top of one another, but I found one with a little room to maneuver. I felt more on display here than I have at other places, and before long it was pretty apparent that a deaf couple was staring at me while I knitted. I guess that beats being turned into a sad bastard in someone's creative writing assignment.

Upon reaching my seat in the arena I started knitting again. Space is at a premium, so I knew my time would be limited to however long the seats next to me remained unoccupied. It turned out not to matter. I couldn't find an effective way of holding onto my knitting and pulling yarn from two skeins, so after completing a row I packed it up again.

The game was sort of dull, a matter not helped by the sparse, listless crowd. (The cold and feared driving conditions were probably more responsible for the downturn in attendance than Valentine's Day.) Everybody spread out in my section, so I had plenty of room to knit. I was feeling sluggish and content to watch whatever was in front of me.

My instinct regarding the goings-on at home last night were confirmed when I heard someone tear out of the apartment beside me and stand nattering in the stairwell that she could feel the cold from there. Brilliant observation. Oh yeah, she was high as a kite.

Thanks for the suggestions on how I might save myself from frogging the entire hat. I'll have to buy some smaller needles for the salvage job. It was so disspiriting to have that happen that I've avoided it since leaving it in shambles. The scarf was rescued, though.


At 7:41 PM, Blogger Karen said...

Mark! You have the blues or what? I think everyone in Ohio does this time of year, to some extent. Hang in there. Sad bastard? she did not call you that!

I'm betting you'll be able to save your hat. Your knitting skills are coming along quite well.

At 8:02 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

Your snow experience sounds awful...I spent the day snowed in while DH shoveled for six hours! It took that long to clear the driveway so we could get to work today. So we both called in sick, he missed a day of pay and spent six hours breaking his back over shoveling...what a lovely V-day lol

Sorry to hear about the crappy's the apartment hunt?

At 10:07 PM, Blogger the secret knitter said...

Karen, sometimes I make references that get missed, and this would be one of them. (It would be easy to do considering I didn't provide any context.)

In this case, it was an allusion to Jack Black's High Fidelity character calling a Belle & Sebastian song "sad bastard music". (Since the Scottish folk-pop band probably isn't known to most reading here, would it make more sense if I say they have been compared some to The Smiths? Make sense?) It's funny because it's true, at least to some extent.

No, the writer didn't call me that specifically, but the tone of the story certainly imbued me with a pathetic quality. I was using the words to describe how she seemed to be viewing me.

Jennifer, your snow experience was considerably worse. It took me maybe a half hour to get my car cleaned and out. And my work was closed. There's no comparison. :)

I've identified where I want to move. It's still a matter of getting the time to get packed and see if my landlord will allow me to break the lease early.

At 2:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sooner you move the better! Glad that you have found a place. We had terrible neighbours once, but they skipped town after 6 months and the whole street breathed as sigh of relief!

At 9:35 AM, Blogger Jenn said...

Yick. We got some snow down south, but nothing that caused any problems (darn, and they like to close down the town at the first sign of snow...) It was really pretty though, walking to work yesterday with light snowflakes swirling all around...

Your neighbors are awful. Karma, however, will get them.


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