Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Archies: The Top 56 Things in the World (2010)

It's time for my annual contribution to The Archies. The post title pretty much explains it all, but I suggest following the link for more information, especially if you decide to participate too.

My previous entries include the top things for 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009.

It goes without saying that I've probably forgotten some things, but looking over this lengthy list, it tells me that maybe last year was better than I thought it was. Without further ado, I present my selections for The Top 56 Things in the World: 2010 edition.

1. Angry Birds
2. @pourmecoffee
3. Arcade Fire at Lollapalooza
4. "Arrow" - Kathryn Calder
5. Bangor, Maine
6. Bemidji, Minnesota
7. The Best Show on WFMU
8. "Bright Lights Bigger City" - Cee Lo Green
9. Bigelow Constant Comment decaffeinated tea
10. Blackduck Lake
11. "Blue As Your Blood" - The Walkmen
12. Bone
13. Charity: Water
14. Chicago, Illinois
15. Chick-fil-a’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich
16. Community
17. Curling in the Olympics
18. DK Diner donuts
19. creation in The Social Network
20. Fossil messenger bag
21. Friars' Bakehouse
22. Guided by Voices reunion show at Outland on Liberty
23. Hot Doug's
24. Inception
25. Joanna Newsom at the Southern Theatre
26. Kindle
27. Lobster roll
28. Lourdes
29. "Madder Red" - Yeasayer (For the album version, here's the official video, which may be a bit gross to some.)
30. Mexican Cokes
31. Minneapolis, Minnesota
32. Moxie
33. National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum
34. NCAA Opening Round game
35. Nephew
36. The New Pornographers at the Newport Music Hall
37. Netflix Watch Instantly
38. New-to-me car (Let's not have this item on here for a third consecutive year.)
39. Online bill pay
40. "Out Go the Lights" - Spoon
41. Parks and Recreation
42. Pavement at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion
43. The Red Shoes
44. Reds home playoff game!
45. Sherlock Holmes stories
46. "Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk" - The New Pornographers
47. Taco Bueno
48. Taco trucks
49. Teen Dream - Beach House
50. Trains
51. Twitter
52. Ultrasound machine that helped work out tight neck muscles
53. University of Dayton NIT Championship (and attending one of the games)
54. Vancouver Winter Olympics
55. Visiting ballparks (PNC Park, Target Field, Wrigley Field)
56. Words with Friends

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