Wednesday, January 05, 2011


It was a strange experience to start having my Twitter feed link to a Columbus story that I knew nothing about. This video, featuring the person who has come to be known as the homeless man with a golden radio voice, went viral about as quickly as possible. Celebrities were tweeting and retweeting it. For all I know, there was only the video, not even a story on the web or in the newspaper.

Today's Dispatch featured a piece about the rapidly developing story. I expect this will stay in the cycle, at least locally, for a little while. It's potentially a terrific story that might make careers.

I know exactly where he was "discovered" and have used that exit many times. I don't know that I ever saw him, whether he was there or not. Now a whole lot more people will, at least for a bit.



At 9:36 AM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

The boy was just telling me about this yesterday. Apparently it's national news and was all over the news. I hope that gentleman is able secure a job from the publicity.


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