Sunday, August 22, 2010

The road home

All trips must come to an end, and this one nears its conclusion. This jaunt began with two Chicago legs and then shifted to eight nights in Minnesota. After stopping in Eau Claire, Wisconsin last evening, we made the rest of the drive to my parents' home today. I think it's time to be back, even if I would have preferred more time to do exploring of my mine way up there in the great white north.

There's not much to say today, so I present to you a couple shots taken while on Blackduck Lake. After a windy first two days, things settled down, as you can see in the glass-like surface in the top photo. I'll have more to say about the trip and various other things (and eventually a report on the Twins game I attended and Minnesota in general), but for now I'm satisfied to call it a blog entry and relax a bit before making the drive home tomorrow.

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