Monday, August 16, 2010

Local yarn shop, Bemidji style

The weather here in northern Minnesota has been much cooler than I was expecting for this time of year. Apparently the balmier temperatures arrived when we did for this vacation, which is all well and good except I wasn't prepared. A few of us headed into the closest city of any size to pick up some things. (I needed a sweatshirt, especially if I am to spend much time on the lake.) One of my requested stops was a local yarn shop. I thought I might get some Cascade yarn to make a hat to help keep my head warm during the windy days on the water.

Yarn Dance is the only local yarn shop in Bemidji, Minnesota. If I remember correctly what I was told, the place opened just this past December and is the first LYS here in 25 years. I'm surprised that this part of the country, where knitting would be eminently practical for dealing with the weather, didn't have a couple such stores. It certainly makes me appreciate the number of options I have in Columbus, not to mention others within relatively short driving distances.

I'll apologize upfront for the less than expertly framed photographs. I always feel a little weird whipping out a camera in these situations, and I tried to snap a few shots as quickly as possible. On this occasion I explained why I was doing so. For starters, I imagine that they don't see many men pop in for some yarn, and I highly doubt those that do want to document their visit.

I had a good idea of what I wanted before I walked in the door. That focus, and having some family members waiting in the car for me to get in and get out, minimized how much I poked around. Still, I was impressed with the yarns they were carrying. I saw a good variety of Cascade, Malabrigo, and Noro, to name a few. The selection may not be as diverse as what I've come across at my local yarn shops, but for Bemidji knitters who have been limited to what Jo-Ann Fabrics carries, this place must seem like a godsend.

The employee I dealt with was helpful and friendly, and I left with two hanks of Cascade 128 Tweed in colorway 7712. I wish I had had more time to look around. Perhaps there will be at least one more trip into Bemidji before our departure. (We'll pass through it on the way home.) Whether I make it in again or not, I'm glad I was able to find to a local yarn shop while up here and wish the best to those who own and operate it. On the off chance that you live in this neck of the woods and are reading this, I recommend paying Yarn Dance a visit. From what I can tell, it's a far sight better than the other limited options available to you.

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