Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lake views

I'm finding that the days and nights have been going pretty quickly on this trip up north, so I'll keep matters brief with a few photos I've taken from the boat. The top picture was taken Monday evening while we were out fishing at dusk.

If I'm correctly oriented, this place is at the other side from where we're staying. It's been a rare spot where we've caught much of anything, although the truth of the matter is that this location is only producing fishing action, not any keepers. I wasn't able to reel in any fish from this spot, but usually within ten to fifteen seconds of dropping my line in the water here, I'd lose my bait to nibbles. It was ridiculous, actually.

While we were anchored off shore from that cabin, an eagle stopped for a rest in the nearby trees. This is one of the better photos I snapped.

For the record, I did catch the day's first fish--a minnow-sized smallmouth bass that maybe reached two inches--and reel in a long-abandoned lure and maybe 50 feet of line. So, my tally is up to two fish of the real variety and one fake one. Clearly I've not been exaggerating the size of these fish as they've been awfully small.

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