Monday, June 16, 2008

What's happening

All right, so I spoke too soon about passing all the kidney stones, but I've been feeling much better since about ten hours ago and think/hope that the worst is over. I have the sizable evidence, so at least there's less rattling around in me than there was. But enough about my kidneys and urine, both of which I've been more preoccupied with in recent days than I care to be...

I'd like to get back to writing about knitting. You know, the whole reason I started this blog... I've been taking it easy today and almost picked up the needles, but with as much system flushing that I'm doing, knitting something that requires keeping track of the stitches didn't seem like a good idea.

I can attest to spotting knitting in a new film. I ducked out for a brief bit to see The Happening, which has a couple shots of old women wearing gas masks and knitting. (The film is about an event in which something airborne is causing those who come into contact with it to kill themselves.) I've been pretty fond of most of the director's work and held out hope that the beating he was taking for this film was a matter of people having the knives out for him.

Alas, it's not very good, even if I'm inclined to permit him a wider berth. If I'd seen this with an audience--I had the theater to myself this afternoon--I imagine they would have been doubled over with laughter at points. I don't think The Happening is terrible, just severely misconceived and directed. But hey, I was happy to have a couple pain-free hours out of the apartment.

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