Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School's out

The last day of finals has passed. Summer can officially begin.

Oh sure, there's still graduation and the hectic stuff that goes with being the only employee in my part of the office for the next three weeks, but I'm glad to have reached the time that should bring a general shifting down in daily activity (or at least a constant stream of interruption). There are a couple things that have me very worried--old, unhealed wounds which I'll have to continue taking lumps for--but I'm trying not to worry about them until the hammers start flying my way.

The academic year rhythms can spoil one terribly. We have three fairly intense periods when classes are in session, but the sizable break during the winter holidays and almost three months freed from classes during the summer are (usually) terrific times for clearing my head. Much about my job remains the same; there's just less of it. What other careers give you those kind of breaks as natural breathers in the schedule?

Students are always in a hurry for classes to end, but those of us on the other side anticipate this time as much, if not more. I'm ready for things to ease up a smidgen. Fingers crossed that they will.



At 2:05 PM, Anonymous doniamarie said...

I hear you! My boss leaves in a few weeks for over a month! There's going to be a definite lightening of the load. And the halls are so quiet!


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