Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Not much happening in these parts is worth writing about, so here are some knitting news items for your browsing pleasure:

-Knitting can help with math problems beyond my understanding.

Perhaps that will give knitting some cachet with my engineer brothers.

-World-Wide Knit in Public Day is approaching.

I wasn't aware of the day's background, so that was kind of interesting to read.

-The Ravelry thread about stolen blog content offers one potential solution.

Yes, yesterday's post about the site stealing my blog entries was also swiped. There's something rich about seeing it on there. I recall getting a hit from there months ago. My suspicion is that this blog has been plundered and republished for months. To say I'm displeased about it is an understatement.

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At 1:12 AM, Blogger wwwknittingcluborg said...

Hi, im exaclty that universe evil u talking abt.
Secretly i wanna tell u that i'm damn on ur articles and blogs. My blog used for testing new software, i can create thousands of it. U found ur content only because of not modification of it(for purity of the experiment). I took specially-known blogs, which cannot be injured by copying content to me. My project is almost finished. Waiting for ur opinion.


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