Sunday, June 08, 2008

Apologia and piffle

I apologize if I've been a pill and the blog has been a drag to read during the past week. With the work-related drama, long hours, and lack of sleep, I sense that I've been generally unpleasant. Not having knitted in a week, I haven't had any yarns to write about. Instead I've been in whinefest mode, which I need to do in moderation but which you don't necessarily need to read.

For today's recovery regimen I slept in, slipped out to get some lunch since I didn't feel up to exerting the effort to make something, slept some more, and then stared vacantly at the TV. I'm hoping it's an uneventful beginning to an uneventful week, but I'm steeling myself for additional workplace aggravation. Like it or not, there's probably another month of those particular headaches to come.

The brief time I was outside provided the notice that summer is here. A normal spring has been virtually nonexistent, making this a season-less stretch. The heat and concluding of the school year usher in what I think of as summer, even if the calendar hasn't reached that season yet. Bring on the less demanding days (in theory) and the satisfying taste and relief of a cold beverage. I'm ready.



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