Saturday, March 10, 2007

Birthday gift knitting

With my mom's birthday a week away, I began one more project to include in a package to send her. I've already made slippers and a flower pin. A dishcloth has been added to the mix. I'm making the garter stitch eyelet pattern found here. I started a different one but scrapped it after I made a couple mistakes. (I mistook a couple loops from knitting two together as dropped stitches.) This pattern has significantly less k2tog (and no p2tog), so it's a quicker knit, which appeals to me in my agitated state.

Since she asked if I could make her Christmas scarf (FOs #3) wider, I may end up using the large amount of bouclé left over from the slippers to make another scarf for her...but not in time for her birthday. I've been putting off movie review writing, so there's no chance I'll knit a scarf between now and when I'd have to mail her package in time for delivery next Saturday. It's getting warmer anyway.

My projects are secondary to the bag I commissioned from Kristin's friend Chandra. (She made my messenger bag, which I'm almost never without.) I picked a shamrock decorated fabric to go with her holiday birthday. Although I come from predominantly German ancestry, there is a little bit of Irish heritage in my family. So yes, St. Patrick's Day had a slightly higher profile in our house.

It occurs to me now that I should have used my green cotton for a dishcloth. I wanted to see how the blue variegated yarn knitted up and didn't even consider the green Sugar 'n Cream. Hmm...I do have some leftover green and white yarn that I could use for a coffee cup cozy that would be appropriate for the day and take less time to make than another dishcloth.

It's a question of time, an hour of which I'm losing tonight with the early time change. I have a significant amount of writing to do by Tuesday. Somewhere in here I need to figure out what movies I'm going to see at the Cleveland International Film Festival next weekend. Plus, there's the ongoing apartment cleaning, which has led to donating six bags of old clothing to Amvets and shredding a lot of old bank statements and the like. Per the advice given to Bill Murray's character in What About Bob?, I just have to keep telling myself "baby steps".

But I really would like it if this Sunday weren't 23 hours.


At 8:30 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

gotta love what about bob!!
pls post a pic of the shamrock messenger bag...i'm a huge irish fan and would love to see it and possibly have one made for myself, but definitely at least see it! also can't wait to see the dishcloth...i love knitting them and it's probably because of the instant gratification factor.


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