Sunday, November 13, 2011


Perhaps it's simply the result of being in better physical shape, but I've felt a lot better after the switch to Daylight Savings Time a week ago.  I woke up that morning well rested and grateful for the extra hour on the clock.  Even though this past week was a hectic one, I didn't feel tired or terribly thrown off by it getting darker earlier.  Falling back is more appreciated than springing forward time-wise, naturally, but I want to say that both have typically required an adjustment period of some sort.

Not this time.  I rolled with it and have been feeling about as good as I can remember.  Best I can tell, it's because I'm actually getting restful nights of sleep, which didn't happen for most of last year and early stretches this year.  There's no denying that exercise has played a big role in that.

It's funny what we get used to, even those things that aren't beneficial.  After the car accident last year and the eventual physical therapy, I was still locked up some in the neck and upper back.  While I didn't attribute the headaches or restless sleep to that, it seems apparent to me that the tightness in those areas was responsible for such effects.  Having strengthened my shoulders and lower back, those problems have largely dissipated.  My neck will still pop some, but it's nothing like what it was doing earlier this year.  I'm thinking clearer too.

I'm often content to roll with the punches.  How it is is how it is.  While that is a useful way to go about things, especially when you don't feel much in control, I can see that making the necessary adjustments to what is in one's power can lead to improved results.  I'm far from being in perfect condition, but that I'm feeling more like I'm there tells me a lot about where I was.

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