Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Where it's at

I have little need for personal checks in this era of debit and credit cards and online bill payment.  I have one monthly bill that I must still pay by check, but an electronic option appears to be in the works soon.  If it weren't for paying the rent, I'd come close to writing zero checks a year.

Yet that way of paying one bill remains, which is why the fact that I can't find my checkbook is all the more vexing.  I have other checks on hand to make one out (and throw off the sequence), but the location of the half used checkbook is beyond me.  

I looked in the two places where I expected it could and should be but came up empty-handed.  Hmm.  I'm certain it hasn't been stolen but that I've misplaced it.  But where?  It's probably under a stack of something.  This means I really need to straighten up the place, doesn't it?

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