Sunday, November 06, 2011

Winning and losing

I like watching sports and do plenty of it.  Of course I want my teams to win, but enduring years of losing shows that success isn't essential to keep me following them.  But you know, winning is so much more fun.

I was hopeful for this fall's NHL season to start as the local franchise had made some splashy moves in the offseason and presumably addressed the biggest deficiencies.  I was pretty pessimistic about my NFL team of choice as the football season approached.  So far my expectations were completely wrong for both.

The hockey team has been dismal in getting off to a franchise worst start, which is saying something considering the club's history.  How bad has it been?  The season sure seemed like it was essentially over two weeks in.  A month in it definitely looks like they're left playing for pride.  Never mind that the regular season isn't over until early April.  The team doesn't just lose; it looks uninspired.  (They lost 9-2 last night in a sport in which putting up nine goals is not common.)

I am a partial season ticket holder for this team--I have a 10-game plan--and I'm kind of regretting having those tickets now.  I'm not demanding them to field the best team in the league, but yeah, I do expect them not to put the worst one out there, especially since they're not in rebuilding mode.  They're not even losing in ways that make my attention justifiable.

On the other hand, the football team has been surprisingly good, especially since I anticipated them being the worst team in the league this season.  On the weeks their games haven't been on local TV I've gone to a sports bar and cheered them on.  Imagine this.  It's been fun.  Everything seems to be going their way, and they are winning games.  Dumb as it sounds, it feels good to watch them win.

I don't stake my identity or happiness on the outcomes of the games my teams compete in, yet the results do have an effect.  For now I'm glad at least one of my teams is coming through.  I hope it lasts.

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