Saturday, November 05, 2011

Keep on running

At best it was in the low 40s when the 5K road race began this morning.  It may well have still been in the 30s.  Wearing a thin long sleeve t-shirt, a light jacket, and shorts, I was dressed for the event, not the temperature.  I certainly regretted that while waiting for the race to start, but once I got moving I was comfortable.  This was more proof that running when it's on the cool side is preferable.

I felt very good throughout the run.  Clearly my regular exercise on a recumbent bike has done wonders for improving my legs' strength, but it's the weight training that may have made the most difference.  My posture and upper body strength are better, so I wasn't burning energy trying to avoid slouching over.  Perhaps that's common sense, but I was surprised how much this affected my performance.

As I came around the last turn and saw the race clock, I opened it up and let it fly.  My legs could more than handle a short sprint as I zipped by two people near the finish line.

I finished in 35:25, which is a good five minutes faster than the best time I've posted in the two other 5Ks I've run this year.  (Because of my sensor not working in the first race and an estimated time in the second, I'm not sure exactly what I ran in those races.  I was slower, though.)  My goal is to break 30 minutes.  If I get another crack at it this year is to be determined.  Regardless, I'm on the right path.  I've run in a fair number of races over the last fifteen years--probably about one a year--and this one was among the easiest.  Do I have enough in the tank to slash another five minutes off my time?  We shall see.     

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