Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Another year

And as the calendar turns to today, I celebrate my birthday.

It's been a modest day.  I enjoyed a partially free breakfast as I scheduled my pick-up of a free spicy chicken biscuit from Chick-fil-a for this morning.  (I paid for the coffee and mini hash browns.)  A quick web search turned up that Firehouse Subs gives you a free medium sub on your birthday, so lunch was mostly on them.  (I sprung for chips and a drink.)  I paid for all of supper.

Since I'm leaving for Toronto in the morning, today has been more about getting ready for the trip than anything else.  In previous years this would have been a slow day at the office, but there was plenty to take care of there.  Tonight at home will be packing and doublechecking that I have everything I need.  With my focus so otherwise directed, it's kind of hard to think of this as my birthday.

The trip to the film festival isn't a birthday gift I'm giving myself, but it does tie in nicely.  That I had my first meeting with a trainer on this day is also coincidental.  This is a free program with the university's student trainers, and I figured I could use some help mixing things up with my workouts.  Twice a week for the next three months or so I'll have someone else putting me through the paces.

It has been nice to see the birthday wishes come in, and overall the day has been a good one.  Has it been anything special?  Not really.  That's OK.  There will be plenty of fun in the days ahead to make up for a relatively quiet and business-like birthday.



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