Thursday, September 01, 2011


September, and a young man's thoughts turn to knitting. OK, maybe not, but the last third of the year is when it seems like time to start thinking more about projects. This August was cooler than usual while the first day of September saw the temperature jump up, but milder weather should be on its way.

This blog has been witness to a serious lack of knitting on my part this year. I confess to being busy and directing energies elsewhere--exercising mainly--but I need to get back into the swing of things knitting-wise. The transition into fall will hopefully be an impetus to doing so. I'm ready to park myself in front of football games on TV. That's good for knitting, especially when I want to avert my eyes from my favorite professional team, a bad franchise that looks to be even worse than usual this year.

Before you break into wild applause, let me hedge by saying that I don't anticipate refocusing some of my time and energy into knitting until the middle of the month. I am crushingly busy right now. Then I leave the country for five nights, which will keep me occupied going to movies and enjoying whatever else the city has to offer. After I return home do I foresee any serious knitting time ahead of me.

Mainly, though, I just wonder where all the time goes and has gone? Did days use to be longer?

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