Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Summer's end

Since Labor Day has come and gone, the summer is unofficially over.  So how did I do with all the little projects I hoped to immerse myself in? Not very well, it turns out.

I read The Hunger Games trilogy in a short period of time, but those were the last books I read.  I started an Elmore Leonard novel but didn't get very far in it.  The TV series on DVD that I hoped to catch up on didn't find their way into the player except for a few episodes. 

I started the summer sitting on one of my balconies, enjoying being outside, and watching the birds.  Somewhere along the line I got too busy and that fell by the wayside.  I really should do some of that this fall.

Where did all that time go?  What did I do with it?  I'm not entirely sure, although I'm guessing that work and exercise took up a significant part of it.

While the summer went much too quickly and wasn't filled with some of the media I'd hoped to consume, I certainly can't complain about how the season turned out.  There were trips to D.C., New York, Cincinnati, Dayton, Ann Arbor, and my parents' new home.  I saw a fair number of baseball games and two Broadway plays.  I attended concerts of some favorites who don't get here often but came nearby twice and saw a Beatle for the first time.

And in less than 48 hours I'll be in Toronto.  What a way for fall to unofficially begin.



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