Sunday, August 28, 2011

Turn, turn, turn

It comes as no surprise that today I hit the wall I've been speeding toward. This has been a busy summer at work and in recreation. On top of that, it is a short summer. So this was the perfect recipe to cause me to crash this morning. I woke up and promptly decided to go back to sleep for another three hours. I didn't really get up until 1:30 p.m. or so. I never do this.

Facing up to the punishment for taking a vacation, I intended to work this morning and afternoon, but clearly my body and mind had other ideas. Considering the rate at which I've been running around these last few weeks, it's probably for the best that they overruled my plans. I needed to take a day to vegetate. While I regret what will inevitably a stressful next couple of days, there's no doubt that I needed the rest.

Classes resume tomorrow, which is earlier than usual. My employer has switched to semesters, which accounts for this August start and the abbreviated summer. In the past the academic year has not begun until a week after Labor Day. I am in no way prepared for this, especially having just come off vacation, but like it or not, it is here.

So the seasons are changing on my calendar. The weather even got a jump on things, as it has been a cooler August than we typically have. I'll get to extend summer for five or six days with a trip to Toronto and its film festival in less than two weeks, but it's time to gear up for a different season and daily ritual.

I've had a good summer, and I look forward to what's coming up. I just wish I felt ready for it.

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