Saturday, September 03, 2011

First batch

I tried my hand at homemade Oreos tonight, but due to my mistakes, I imagine they look better than they taste. If you'd like to attempt to make them, correct these errors that I made.

-Roll the dough out more.

You can see that the wafers are a lot puffier than what you expect from Oreos. I thought I'd rolled them out enough, but clearly that wasn't true.

-Don't use powdered sugar of uncertain age that has been in the cupboard probably picking up other smells.

The filling definitely tastes off, and I think the blame falls on the powdered sugar. I was surprised how much the texture and consistency of the filling is like the "stuf" in Oreos.

-You don't need to make as much filling as is suggested. I didn't come anywhere close to using it all.

-Use the suggested food coloring if you want the cookies to resemble their inspiration.

I decided not to bother with food coloring--it isn't essential--but without it you can't sell the illusion of homemade Oreos as much.

On the positive side, the lid from something in the spice cabinet works very well for cutting out the cookies. With all that didn't work, I found these pretty easy to make. Now that the rough draft batch is out of the way, I'll have to do them up right.

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