Saturday, October 09, 2010


I won't be blogging about neighborly noise tomorrow--I'll be in Cincinnati for the Reds playoff game--but humor me one more day on the topic.

Yesterday I wrote about asking my neighbors to turn down their subwoofer. All was generally good for most of the night, or as good as I figure I can request, until the later hours hit. Sure enough, I'm in bed and an additional set of walls away when the booming sound of the bass punches through. It's going after midnight. It's going after 1 a.m.

I went into my living room, and to be fair, it wasn't as loud as they've had it in the most objectionable instances. The problem is that the low frequency carries very easily. Do they now think that because they've turned it down that they can keep it on all hours of the night? Were they trying to provoke me, as it did seem like it would go up louder for a moment and then return to still audible but softer level? (If you think I'm paranoid, you didn't read about when I tried to deal with a similar problem four years ago. Addressing the issue made it several times worse.)

Since I have Monday off for a holiday, I've been at the office most of the day finishing the large amount of work I needed to do. I'm still here writing this now, in part because I worry about going home and having the same racket going on. I'll be gone the next day or two, leading to who knows what kind of sound system blasts that may be deemed acceptable in their minds because I don't say anything. Already ground down, this is turning me into a powder.

I don't need this, especially on top of everything else. Yes, I should stand my ground, but it seems like doing so doesn't yield positive results. I'm just bitching at this point, but I need to get it out. Sorry for all the melodrama.

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