Monday, October 04, 2010


Although I have good reason for focusing on the bad news that's come my way in recent weeks, I ought to keep in sight the good things coming up this month.

For example, the Cincinnati Reds will compete in the Major League Baseball playoffs for the first time in fifteen years and I'm going. I'll also be attending if they advance to the NLCS. I've waited a long time to see the Reds return to the postseason and a longer time to witness it in person. Now let's hope their performance isn't a complete letdown and that it isn't too chilly.

It could be too much of a good thing. There's the potential for the NLCS games to conflict with the concert tickets I have to see the reunited "classic" lineup of Guided by Voices, a band on my list of all-time favorites, and Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan. I'm look forward to those shows, but I'll have some decision-making to day if games and concerts overlap. I saw GBV plenty of times in their heyday and could probably clear some pretty good money scalping the ticket, but then again, the more likely conflict is with the Campbell/Lanegan show. As a big Belle & Sebastian fan, I'd like to see their former member with the former Screaming Trees front man. Still, if all problems were like this...

Movies ought to start getting better this month as the awards contenders begin to trickle out. Exhibit A: The Social Network.

Tomorrow I hope to have a better feel for what the future may hold. Fingers crossed that it's positive. Toes crossed too.

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