Thursday, October 07, 2010

That guy

So apparently I have to be that guy.

Look, it's been a rough few weeks with the job uncertainty, and I haven't been feeling great. After what felt like a late Tuesday night panic attack--it certainly seemed like one--I've felt somewhat better. On top of that, I've come down with something. Not realizing a couple days ago that I'm sick made it all the worse.

And then there's the neighbors with the unspeakably loud subwoofer. I haven't said anything because it tends to come and go, although it usually picks up around 10:45 p.m. Sometimes it's loud enough to be extremely annoying, and sometimes it is intolerable. (Seriously. I can't go anywhere in my place without hearing it and/or feeling it.)

I'd put off writing a letter to these relatively new neighbors because I didn't have the energy for it, and I knew that I ought to wait until there had been a night that was on the worst end of the scale. That night was tonight. I went back into the bedroom where the pounding bass was a slightly duller thumping and fired up the old desktop to write a letter to them.

I'm pretty pleased with what I wrote, but I can also see it making me sound like an insufferable jerk, especially since I've had no communication with them. (I accept the blame for not mentioning how disruptive the noise is. Notice I'm blaming the noise, not them. Or is this just me running from confrontation?) I've not mentioned this problem to the rental office and don't intend to on this occasion, but after the letter, going to them would be the next step. I'm the victim, yet whatever I do, I come across as the bad guy, even though I believe they have to know at times they have things up way too loud.

I mentioned on Twitter that I was writing such a letter, and two people responded that they thought a face-to-face interaction would be better, that a letter may escalate the problem. So I've put it to my followers, and I put it to you too. Would I be better off knocking on their door tomorrow and saying hey, I'd really appreciate it if you'd turn down the subwoofer, or should I stick to my letter? Choose carefully.

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At 8:16 AM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

If you can keep your chill, face to face is generally good. I know the neighbors across the street were quite apologetic when we finally asked them not to park directly behind our driveway when it was snowing. :) and to think we had been muttering things about them under our breath for months :P

granted if they end up being insufferable jerks themselves then you have a really good reason to head straight to the rental office.


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