Thursday, April 30, 2009


A couple observations made during recent travel...

-The 1980s revival in popular culture is definitely here. The songs, references, and style pepper films, and today's pop music definitely leans that way. Flo Rida has scored a hit with "Right Round", which heavily cribs from a 1984 Dead or Alive chart topper. The difference: yesterday's songs sounded like robots were playing the music; today's sound like robots are singing.

-I was almost completely ignorant of the news of the day while at the film festival, so this swine flu stuff caught me unaware when I first heard it. It's funny how I could go about the day without worrying about PANDEMIC!!!!! until I was bombarded with doomsayers at every turn. (Honestly, I'm not that concerned.)

The news folk, particularly those on TV, need to get off their high horses about the swine flu story. I caught one piece talking about how dangerous Twitter is in spreading bad information, whether through jokes or misinformed comments, about the virus. Umm, maybe Twitter isn't as big of a problem as news reports and stories that prey on the public's concern.

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At 11:48 PM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

Oh noes! We're all gonna die! Although I did see a fun knitted face mask this week. :) I am also thrilled at any excuse to bring out my crimper. :D

At 2:32 PM, Blogger Ruth's Place said...

I saw this today.

sorry :)


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