Friday, April 24, 2009

Up top

Another festival day, another push to write my coverage elsewhere and find a few hours for some sleep. I'd really hoped to be getting more rest than I am, but I am getting the "work" done. I'm sort of proud of that accomplishment even if the text is banged out against a nonexistent but internal deadline and may or may not be worthwhile.

I thought I'd share the picture above to provide an idea of where I'm spending a significant portion of these five days. I'm one of those festivalgoers lurking in the balcony. I think this level provides a superior viewing experience, but there's also something of an Upstairs, Downstairs self-selecting quality that I can't exactly put my finger on to describe.

The movies have been good--mostly--and the weather has been really pleasant. It's nice to think that spring may finally be here and the heavier coats can be put away for awhile when I return home.

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At 1:43 AM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

It's s'pose to be in the 80s here all weekend. I sure hope spring has arrived. If it drops below 40F again I might cry!


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