Friday, January 30, 2009

Knit flick

All I know about the 1977 movie The Incredible Melting Man comes from its Wikipedia and IMDB pages. Well, that and this YouTube clip that features a lot of said incredible melting man spying on a woman knitting. (While I don't think the clip merits a warning, I'll cover my bases and say that this comes from a horror movie, meaning that the incredible melting man's appearance may bother some.)

The fact that there's a lot of onscreen time devoted to knitting makes this scene weird enough. But look at those needles! They're bent near the knob end (or whatever the appropriate term is).

Notice that the knitter never seems to get much done. It's hard to tell since her hands cover the stitches on the needles, but she's always working at the tips with no discernible progress. That's probably for the best because the two knitting close-up shots (at :16 and :48) appear to be the same shot repeated twice. Both shots last for approximately an equal amount of time and, to the best of my observation, look exactly the same.

As for the butterfly wall hanging...let's just say it's proof enough that this was definitely made in the '70s.

I'm extremely curious to see this film now, even though it is most assuredly terrible. Unfortunately it is only available on VHS and discontinued Region 2 DVD. While I have a cheap region-free player, something tells me that tracking down a DVD would either be difficult or expensive and require more time or money than it's worth. I don't have a VCR in my system since my old player eats tapes, and I haven't had a need to replace it. Still, it might be worth finding a videocassette and dubbing it onto a DVD at work, if just to find out what happens to the knitter. Something tells me it isn't good.



At 12:28 AM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

I have a VCR you can borrow to watch it on if ya want. :)


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