Thursday, December 11, 2008


A new local yarn shop opened here this month. Since it is near where knit night takes place, I thought I'd swing by beforehand and check it out.

Now I'm not terribly familiar with the businesses along the street in question, but I didn't figure it would be too hard to find. I had scratched out some directions, but bah, who needs to look at them? It's exit, turn left onto the street on the exit sign, and turn right at the street where the shop is. Really, it's simple, simple, simple.

Except for one thing. I didn't write down the address of the shop. I thought I knew the name of the cross street it was near, but it turns out that I was misremembering. That street is the one I turn onto to get to the knit night location's parking lot. So here I am driving along looking for the place, not seeing it, and knowing that I've gone too far because I'm practically to Ohio State.

I turned around and resumed looking for it. I had a fair idea that I knew the address number, but that is helpful only when you can see them on the buildings. I frantically scanned the business fronts, but I wasn't seeing any numbers. So, having missed it again, I drove the extra mile and a half to the knit night spot, turned around, and made a mental note of the odometer's trip mileage. I knew how far the LYS is from the café, so it stood to reason that if I drove that distance and then stopped the car, I should be able to find the place.

I stopped a little short of the distance because I saw a parking spot along the street and felt I better take it. I thought I recalled the address number, so I walked a thousand or so south. Finally, there it was. I'd say more about the place, but there's more to the story in getting there than what I observed inside. (They have yarn and a nice space. Umm, the end.)

At knit night I also filed my brain somewhere else as I lost track of the rows on my sister-in-law's Christmas scarf, tried to rip back in the restaurant's darkness, and ended up dropping a stitch along the line. I'm trying to figure out how I correct this by ripping back as the dropped stitch is a p3tog after a yarn over. I thought about it and thought about it some more. I decided it was better to call it a night rather than mess it up further. Plus, I couldn't really see, which is one negative about where I was.

Tomorrow it will all come to me like a bolt out of the blue, won't it?

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At 10:43 PM, Anonymous LittleWit said...

Duly noted. I will write down the address before I attempt to head over there. Hopefully you can fix your dropped stitch tom'w.


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