Saturday, June 28, 2008

This and that

With some luck and better hydration, this is the last update I'll be providing about my kidneys. I received the analysis of the lab results, which found that the kidney stones were the most common type. I need to drink more water, but that's it as far as diet is concerned in relation to these painful little pebbles.

In search of something to write about today I came across a story about a Canadian seminar helping students reconsider their assumptions about gender. The pertinent part, as far as this blog is concerned:
In Grade 6, students try to decipher what kind of person owns a variety of bags, which their teacher has filled with, say, sports equipment and knitting materials. Teachers help students question their assumptions. Is the owner of the sports bag male? Could it belong to a girl? And couldn't the knitting belong to a boy?
Yes, yes it could.

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