Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hand towel update

With nine and a half repeats knitted, the Chevron Stripes Hand Towel from Mason-Dixon Knitting is almost twelve inches long. The finished length is supposed to be 24 inches, which is to be achieved in knitting the same twelve rows 27 times. It looks like I could do it in twenty repeats. If I choose to make it that long--and I certainly have the yarn for it as I'm still on the first two balls, with two of each color remaining--then I guess I'm almost halfway done.

As best I can tell, I'm dead on the width (14 inches). I am substituting Knit Picks CotLin for the recommended Euroflax Originals linen, which is apparently letting me complete this faster. I think it's just as well. While I've come to enjoy knitting this, I'll be a lot happier when it's done. It is, perhaps, too easy for me.

That's not something I figured I'd say when I was trying to figure out knitting in the front and back and SKP. Now that I have those tricks down, the notoriously long time it takes to knit those rows can drive me a bit crazy.

Tomorrow I should have a fair amount of knitting time to chip away at this project. In my effort to consolidate driving, I'm seeing Standard Operating Procedure, Mongol, and ("for fun") Last Year at Marienbad spread out over an eight-hour period rather than making two or three trips. It's kind of exhausting thinking about it, and it's killing me to put off seeing WALL-E until Saturday. (With some of the advance word about Wanted, waiting a day to see it as well is not a big deal.) Still, I'll have a decent break between the first two, and knitting seems like the best use of the time.

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