Monday, January 07, 2008

Grasping at straws

It is a venial sin to post an entry in which the blogger apologizes for failing to write more often or for writing out of obligation--a Blog365 commitment, say--than having anything of substance to offer. With this site you know that I'm more likely to be guilty of the latter than the former. I suppose this is my confession.

I could have written in praise of naps. I succumbed to one a couple hours ago and feel much better after taking it, even if it means I'll be up late finishing what I'm working on. But who wants to read about that? Come on.

I could have written about Atonement, but that's what I'm supposed to be doing at the moment. A second viewing has been enormous help in firming up my thoughts on it. (I liked it before but have greater admiration for it now, if you must know.)

I could have written about my softening stance on Ohio State football and how, unlike a year ago, I'm not deriving pleasure from seeing them get pummeled in the national championship as I write this. Yeah, the local fanaticism and media coverage can still make my skin crawl, but I think a lot of my lost taste for the Buckeyes stemmed from enduring the other people in my building whooping it up from kick-off to post-game. Now that their cheers and stomps aren't coming through the floorboards and walls, I don't have to dread these games. Weaning myself from insipid sports talk radio hasn't hurt either. Maybe by this fall I can pronounce myself a fan again.

Hmm, I guess I did write about that.

I swear, I'll knit again when life is less crazy. I don't think there are many straws left to grasp at for my daily blogging.

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At 4:27 PM, Blogger Jenn said...

I look forward to the movie, although the book was received tepidly in my household. (I took it to Spain, and Lance and I both found it...okay. Not great, a little irritating, but the end made up for all the tediousness of the writing at the beginning.) I hope the movie is better!

At 7:30 PM, Blogger Anne said...

My mom loved the book, and it made her not want to see the movie, I'll have to point her over here. Blogging daily as a requirement would be hard, I think. I'd probably find myself posting far more often with my cat doing the talking LOL


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