Saturday, November 10, 2007

Library rate

I presented my right hand to have it stamped. Imprinted on my skin in blue ink was "library rate".

The stamp permitted me to come and go at the city's international film and video festival awards ceremony. (I've been a juror for several years, although I was one in name only this year. The new division chair forgot about me, so I saw nothing.) I don't think there was any special or ironic meaning behind the words marking me--I'm guessing the person at the table grabbed whatever stamp was handiest--but library rate, a slower and cheaper shipping method, described knitting for the day.

Remember how I said that magic loop knitting with the 32" cable felt like it was slower? Understatement. I attempted to knit this morning but couldn't get the stitches to move up on the needle. After pushing them again and again and not getting anywhere, I saw that there was a nick on the metal part of the cable that was snagging the yarn. Another 32" cable came with the Knit Picks Options set, so I used one of the ends to take the stitches off the needles where they currently were.

There might have been a faster way of doing this. Most assuredly, there has to be. Whatever it is, I didn't do it. After transferring the stitches to the other cable, I quickly discovered that it wasn't going to work either. The cable has become slightly separated from the metal join, something I noticed when I made a blanket, and was also snagging the yarn. I could tell that this wasn't going to fix my problem, so I removed one of the interchangeables and put it onto a 24" cable. Transferring from one 32" cable to another and then knitting onto a 24" cable--meaning a grand total of one round--took an hour and a half.

I'm happy with the Knit Picks Options, but the company will be getting contacted by me. One cable was brand new, and the other had only been used for one project. They can do better than that.

So, I'm back where I began. At least the stitches are moving with less resistance now.

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At 7:30 AM, Blogger Jennifer said...

That's a bummer - I'm obviously behind in the reading, so you may have already resolved this and I will find out in the next day or two as I continue to catch up, but I'm curious to know what the company is doing about the damaged/faulty cords.


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