Sunday, March 11, 2007

Two knit gifts

Garter stitch eyelet dishcloth

Yarn: Lily The Original Sugar 'n Cream (100% cotton; worsted weight)
Color: Faded denim
Needles: US 6s
Stitches: 41

OK, so it's more of a rhombus than a proper square, and there are some flaws in the knitting... It's a dishcloth. I don't feel so bad about the mistakes here than in something made to be worn.

I must have forgotten to do a yarn over at one point, which led to my adventure in increasing. A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous. I thought I made two stitches out of one to get me back to the correct number, but somehow I was still a stitch low. I thought maybe it would be better to knit into the front and back of a stitch to increase, so I did that. Why did I think this? Who knows?

The problem, as I soon discovered, was that it was like I had a permanent yarn over stitch. Eventually I got rid of it when at another point I ended up with a stitch too many and knitted two together.

But I think I wove in the ends well on this.

Kristin's Jazzy Coffee Cup Cozy

Yarn: Dark Horse Yarns-Fantasy (50% nylon, 50% acrylic; worsted weight) and Bernat Satin (100% acrylic; worsted weight)
Color: 5 or 23 (green) and silk
Needles: US 7s
Stitches: 50

Another day and more stalling on what I really need to be doing. So why not knit another coffee cup cozy? This should bring an end to what I'm making my mom for her birthday. Knitting four items in about a week's time isn't bad, even if they're mostly on the small side.

This means it's time to go back to the baby blanket. It's for the best that I set it aside most of last week. I wasn't in any mindset to be working on it. I'm not sure that I am now either, but I'm hoping I'll have it together to crank out the rest of it within a week or so.

I want to start something else, though. Trading off between the blanket and another project seems like the way to keep me from getting exasperated at how many stitches are left in the blanket. Also, it's getting too large to be portable in my bag. I'm considering getting some bulky yarn to make myself another pair of slippers. (The first one I made is coming apart.) I have a pattern for mittens, which might be good for teaching me some shaping, but with the temperature headed north, it doesn't seem like the timeliest project.

Any ideas? (Don't say socks. Not yet.) It's going to be my film festival down time project, at least for those breaks when I'm not writing blog updates.


At 4:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Be warned, socks are addictive, but they are a good, quick, portable project once you get the hang of the dpns and knitting in the round.

Why don't you check out the archives, they have some great free patterns, very modern and stylish too.

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Karen said...

What about the Irish Hiking Scarf? You can learn to knit cables! It's not a tough pattern to learn, but looks it.

At 8:33 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

i agree w/ karen - the irish hiking scarf is a great beginner cable project! i haven't finished mine, but i love love love the pattern and would suggest it to any beginner.

the dishcloth looks great - love the pattern and will definitely have to try it myself!


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