Saturday, November 19, 2011


Christmas candy and decorations were out at the grocery store the day after Halloween.  People were complaining about Christmas creep before Halloween.  Typically I'd be one of them, but for some reason I don't mind this year.  Scanning through radio stations while in the car last night I even thought I wouldn't mind finding one playing Christmas music.

Why the change of opinion?  As best I can figure, it has to do with wanting a transition to what December usually represents.  I'm ready to wind down for the year and hole up at home after a hectic fall.  This autumn has been especially busy with the longer academic term that seems like it's never going to end.  I want the mental break that comes with a break in the work schedule.  I want to be thinking about year-end lists and getting awards screeners on a near daily basis.  I want to feel like everything isn't one big rush.

In actuality December isn't necessarily a slow, peaceful time, but I'm searching for what it might be or what it could be.  That doesn't mean I can't chase it in its idealistic form or be reminded of it as a chill permeates the air and retailers encourage anticipating that time.  It does mean that I ought to think about how I can make it possible.  Since Thanksgiving isn't here yet, I'm certainly capable of putting that work in.

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