Sunday, July 03, 2011

Petty griping

For fifteen years, including this year, I will have worked on the 4th of July. In that stretch there have been one or two exceptions, although I still had to punch the clock when it falls amid a holiday weekend, just not on the exact day. The holiday loses some of its luster when you don't have it off.

Yes, it's a petty gripe, but it really blows a long weekend like this one knowing that you need to be working when most people are kicking back. Plus, I need to appear kind of happy about it. Trust me, I'm not.

So I've been lazing about today and yesterday and observing with some degree of exasperation as the hours have evaporated. For instance, I conked out for about three hours this afternoon. While I was refreshed after the nap, I felt like I'd wasted the day. It's already 7:00 p.m.! Not that had anything planned. Time just felt like it was slipping away from me.

I suppose I'm just getting the moaning out of my system tonight. Now where's that vacation time?

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