Sunday, June 26, 2011


If you're reading daily--and bless you if you keep up with this folly--you noticed that I posted a bunch of nonsense recently. I put it there context-free and would have been perfectly happy to leave it that way, but here I am again in a similar position: stuck.

Here's the thing: when it comes to writing, whether here or with other things, I'm unsure what to write and usually not pleased with the results. I'm banging out words in a coherent order, but something is missing in them. Call it a block, if you will. You might disagree. "You're writing something," you say. I would counter by saying that it's something uninteresting, uninspired, and purely utilitarian. It fills the blank space and nothing more. I'd not be surprised if an accounting of the tags for this year's entries turns up "filler" as the most used.

Maybe I need to write earlier in the day. Maybe I need to do some more knitting. Maybe I need a break.

This blog is in its own way a public acknowledgment of process. Deconstruction was always something I enjoyed about Late Night with David Letterman, and in my own way I'm imitating that here. Imagine me sitting on the futon with the laptop in my lap and the TV most likely on in the background. And I'm looking at the big empty space in the Blogger client and wondering what in the world to put there to fill it. That's been the case far too often here or when I'm trying to write something for work.

So, I'm stuck, this is me coming clean about it, and here's my likely empty promise to waste your time with this kind of thing again in the near future. Ultimately, when the question of what I should write about rolls around, it shouldn't be this hard.

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