Saturday, June 25, 2011


Since July is almost here, I suppose I should get around to figuring out some vacation plans for the summer. While I'm scheduled to go to Toronto for a few days in September, I'd like some other time that's not structured around film festival attending.

Maybe the plans will end up being centered around family moves. My parents have relocated to the same Indiana city where two of my brothers live, so checking out their new house is surely something to do. And, um, I haven't seen them since Christmas. In fact, the only family member I've seen this year was the brother I visited when he was in the greater New York City area. He's back home for the time being, but with him looking for other jobs, he may somewhere else in a month or so.

Even though I'll lack the free accommodations, I'm tempted to go back to NYC. Now that I'm at least passingly familiar with its public transit, perhaps staying in New Jersey and riding the train into town is a way to cut some costs traveling out there.

I've thought about going to Washington, D.C. to see the Reds play a series against the Nationals in August. Or I could head back to Cincinnati for another series there, especially if I can get my dad to join me. Of course, I'm already going to be in Cincy one more day, as I decided that the chance to see Paul McCartney in concert was something I couldn't pass up.

Or maybe something else will jump to the fore. What a problem, right?

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