Monday, March 21, 2011


I had my last full day in New York City relatively wide open. My brother would be working, so I was dropped off at the New Jersey Transit stop to venture into the city on my own. Whether it was the interrupted sleep for the third consecutive night, illness, or the effects of Dayquil, I wasn't feeling in tip top shape. The rainy, sort of snowy morning led me to wile away an hour in Penn Station reading the New York Times before meeting with a former student employed at Nickelodeon. It was nice to see how well she's doing.

I hadn't been uptown yet--the furthest north I'd gone to date was maybe 47th Street--so I hoofed it to Grand Central Station to take the 6 line to 86th Street. First stop: lunch at a place recommended to me. I'd been told Shake Shack would be busy, but the issue was more one of lack of seating than waiting in line to order. I got right in, ordered a single burger, fries, and chocolate shake, and then shared a table with another single stranger and a mother with two kids.

After that it was time to visit the Guggenheim Museum. The Frank Lloyd Wright building is such an architectural delight, so to see it in person and walk in the rotunda looking at the art was great fun. I was particularly glad to see several Kandinskys.

Before returning I had to set foot in Central Park for a little bit. The weather wasn't cooperative, but I wanted to get a small taste of this important part of the city.

Although I return to Ohio tomorrow, I'm sure I'll have more to say and show in forthcoming days. This has been a terrific trip, even if it's been close to exhausting. I don't know that I would want to live here, but it's been a fantastic place to explore.

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