Saturday, March 19, 2011

On Broadway

Today's New York City adventures were not as numerous but perhaps more big time than Friday's. We were slow getting around after yesterday's jaunts, which made it perfect for a walk to Times Square, standing in the TKTS Discount Booth line, and landing half price tickets for Arcadia. After that it was time for lunch at supper time and a walk to look in and around Rockefeller Center.

I like the theater, but it's not something I've had much exposure to since college. I felt like going to a Broadway production was something I should do while here, even if I didn't have anything in particular I had to see. I favored Arcadia based on the cast (Billy Crudup, Raul Esparza, Margaret Colin, and one of Meryl Streep's daughters) and the playwright (Tom Stoppard). It would have been nice to have seen a musical, but the one I'd had most highly recommended to me wasn't among those being offered at a significant price break.

It turns out that our tickets put my brother and me in a box, which made me feel a little highfalutin. How exciting for this to be my first Broadway experience. We shared it with a couple and had a terrific view of the stage, although extreme stage right was blocked off. Fortunately this was not a major issue.

We could also scan the audience. Seeing as I'm in New York City, I've been wondering when I'd pass by someone famous. This was the time. At intermission I spotted Cornel West.

I really enjoyed the play, although I'm way too tired to begin parsing what it all means, at least on this blog. Suffice it to say it was a night well spent and what felt like a very New York evening.

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