Sunday, February 06, 2011

Working for the weekend

The relativity of time has been very clear to me this weekend. I was at the office for about seven hours on Saturday and nine hours today. THE TIME FLEW.

Unfortunately, this was a case of it going much faster than I really wanted it to. Did I get a respectable amount of work done? Yes. Did I get as much done as I had hoped? Absolutely not. If it weren't for the Super Bowl, I might still be at the office. (Oh yeah, I picked the winning team, and my 27-17 guess was in the vicinity of the 31-25 final score in favor of the Packers.)

I have Monday and Tuesday to finish up. That should still be sufficient time, but the nice thing about this weekend is that I was almost always the only person in my side of the building, if not the entirely building. Distractions were at a minimum. Perhaps that's why I didn't really notice how all those hours slipped by. (In a darkened building without any windows visible from my space, it really was like time didn't exist.) It will be harder to remain as focused the next two days.

I'm prepared to log twelve to fourteen hours at work on Monday, so what I'm saying is there's going to be at least one more day of this blog garbage until I have more mental energy to devote here.

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