Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Plus: Due to the weather, my employer has closed the offices...
Minus: ...but it's only until noon.

Plus: I can still get some writing done at home before heading in...
Minus: ...but I'm going to lose at least twenty minutes scraping through the thick ice coating my car.

Plus: (4:24 p.m.) Due to the weather, evening classes are cancelled...
Minus: ...but I still have to be here because I've been doing all this writing for the show taping around 5:45.
Minus: ...but this means the fitness center will be closed too.
Minus: ...but I'm still going to be at work until almost 8:30 anyway.

Plus: I won't be needing this bag that I packed in the event that the roads were too slick and I felt better just getting a hotel...
Minus: ...but now it's one more thing I have to carry as I try to keep from breaking my neck getting across the parking lot to my apartment.

Plus: Getting my wireless router working properly after yesterday's power outages reset it was pretty simple...
Minus: ...but I wish I'd realized that last night.
Minus: ...but why couldn't either of the customer service reps explained it rather than trying to get $40 out of me?

Plus: Chances are decent that school will be cancelled on Wednesday...
Minus: ...but even if it is, I'll spend it working at home on stuff I need to get done anyway.

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