Thursday, October 21, 2010

Work in progress

Last Wednesday marked four years since I learned to knit. Today marks four years since I started this blog. Wherever has the time gone, and do the thousands of words typed during these years amount to anything?

When I began I posted on a consistent basis, and it wasn't long before I was blogging every day, sometimes more successfully than others. I've been publishing content every day on the calendar since March 25, 2007. What has it been good for? Maybe not much more than letting me empty out my brain, keep track of what I've been working on, and getting questions answered. This isn't art. It was started as an outlet for my secret knitting and remains an outlet, just not entirely one that it was envisioned to be.

I do feel an obligation to stay "on topic" even if there are stretches when it may seem that I don't. Hopefully you find that stuff interesting (or not actively annoying). Heads up. Friday I'll be writing about the Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan concert I attended tonight.

The nom de blog remains because it grants me more freedom than if I wrote under my given name. The only secret knitting I do these days pertains to the office. They don't know there, although even that compartmentalizing may no longer be as essential as I once felt it must be. If anything, this blog is a bigger obstacle to revealing my knitting secret than the needlecraft.

Anyway, thanks for reading.



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