Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Say cheese

Yesterday at work my photograph was needed for a brochure. No big deal, right? Well, I guess it's nothing, other than the fact that I am not crazy about having my picture taken, especially when it requires lining up as in front of a firing squad.

I was going to try and track down a photo of myself that I could live with, but I didn't have the time and had to have a new one taken. I insisted that I didn't want to see the shots and would leave the decision of which to use to the person who snapped the pictures. Is that jerk-like behavior? Probably.

I'm not sure when or why my aversion to being photographed began, but it isn't a recent development. I can recall this being something that extends as far back at least to the day of my high school graduation.

I suppose this hang-up has something to do with vanity and lack of self-confidence, which would seem to be a contradiction. Factor in an aspect of what I do for a living to make this even more irrational. Yet there I am, preferring not to have my picture taken if I can help it.

Maybe it's as simple as I'm uncomfortable having to pose for the camera. It doesn't feel natural to me. In turn, this probably doesn't lead to good photographs. And so the vicious cycle repeats.



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