Friday, July 10, 2009

Walk on

One of the areas where my energy has been going of late is exercise. Added to my commitment of eating properly (most of the time), it equals feeling better and losing weight.

I'm not doing anything fancy. Simply put, I'm hoofing it over to the nearby park and walking around it for about an hour at least five times a week. Unlike the hilly, more picturesque park where I exercised when I lived on another side of town, this is pretty much all flat terrain. In that sense it's probably more ideal for running, but I'm giving my knees and shins a break and just walking. (It is concrete, after all.)

The slower pace and open area allows me to soak up the atmosphere in a neighborhood I'm not really connected to--can't say I even know those who live in the same building beyond the names on the mailboxes--yet feel very much at home in. Since I've been dedicated to walking, there are a few people with whom I may share hellos with out of recognition and a few dogs I may give a friendly scratch behind the ears.

I like seeing all the different activities going on. The tennis courts seem full at night, and from time to time I may chase down a stray ball knocked over the fence. A pick-up soccer match is often going on, and a wiffle ball game (or some variation) is a common sight. A few lacrosse sticks may be in action, and a person or two is typically on one of the basketball courts. Lately organized youth flag football has been setting up shop on weekday afternoons. And then there are dogs chasing tennis balls, frisbees being thrown, and kites being flown. Runners are on the middle school track, and someone may be tossing or hitting a ball against the elementary school's brick wall.

Round and round I go--about five miles worth tonight. It's a time to reflect, a time to clear my head, and a time to see how diverse my surroundings are. Nobody may know who I am here, but it feels like where I'm supposed to be.



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