Sunday, July 05, 2009

Knitting as historical protest

While looking for something to blog about today I noticed that Google News offers an option to check the archives and not simply the latest reports. While most of the results I received lead to links that require payment to access the stories, I did find a curious little piece that, I think, is an editorial about peace activist knitters in the August 8, 1931 Milwaukee Journal.

If I'm reading the article correctly, the idea, which the newspaper writer took none too seriously, was that women could try to prevent war by refusing to make socks and such as contributions to the effort.

It's hard to know the context. A quick search for the woman mentioned in the piece turns up nothing. Perhaps, per the reference in the editorial, the protest had something to do with the World Court, a.k.a the Permanent Court of International Justice in The Hague. Fascinating, nonetheless.

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